Why LifeSpark: Fitness Goals, 66 Flights, and a Baby


“You’re on the 66th floor and it’s time to move”


Picture this…

It’s late at night, around 2am, and you hear the fire alarm in your apartment building go off. You think to yourself “maybe it’s just a drill” and you worry if the noise is going to wake up your eight month old daughter. After about a minute you hear her call for you and as you go in to her room it dawns on you, this is not a drill. You’ve got to get out of your building. You’re on the 66th floor and it’s time to move.

Once you get to the staircase with your daughter in your arms you can hear people making their way down the staircase and you slowly work your way into the crowd. Twelve flights down you realize that there is truly a live fire and you pick up with pace. It takes some time but you finally make it out of the building feeling accomplished because you’ve struggled with knee surgery and 66 flights of stairs is no joke. Oh, and did I forget to mention, you’re also newly pregnant?


“Seeing this family walk through our doors for so many years reaffirms why Ben and I opened LifeSpark”


Now, go with me guys, maybe that EXACT scenario wouldn’t happen to you, but imagine if it happened to your wife while you’re away? Or maybe your sister, or another woman in your life that you care about. Well, for Maria and Anders that’s exactly what happened back in February 2015. You’re probably wondering why I’m bringing this story up over two years later


“The community that has formed at LifeSpark is what we are most proud of”


Well that’s because Maria and Anders have been members of LifeSpark since 2011 and are still members to this day. The story came to mind this morning when I saw her little ones playing in the gym after Maria finished a class. If Maria hadn’t been working on rehabbing her knee with us before that fire and training regularly I can’t imagine how Maria would have faced those 66 flights with her daughter in her arms. Seeing this family walk through our doors for so many years reaffirms why Ben and I opened LifeSpark almost seven years ago.


Fitness has always been a part of my life. Being a competitive athlete for some time training was a central focus to my daily life and one of my top goals. Ben and I knew when we opened LifeSpark that fitness goals have a tendency to change as time goes by. Creating a business around a community that is supportive no matter what goal you have was our primary focus. While our doors have been open for nearly seven years the community that has formed within LifeSpark is what we are most proud of.


“We respect all fitness goals”


At LifeSpark we respect all fitness goals. If you want to be competitive in CrossFit we can work on that! If you want to be able run with your kids on the beach we can help with that too. You can send us an email below and we’ll set up a time for you to just stop by, have a coffee, take a tour, and talk about what life goal you might be looking to achieve next. We look forward to meeting you!

– Candice Ford, Coach & Owner


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