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“It was full of ups and downs, mentally and physically challenging. However, it was much easier than I thought with a great pleasure to be part of the LifeSpark family. A great supportive fitness community, where if you are determined, you can just come, see, and easily conquer…

– Samer Barakat

“Staying mobile has become the biggest physical issue in my 40s.  LifeSpark coaches have guided me to a better range of motion and a pain-free lower back – while adding 150 pounds to my deadlift.  My young daughters also love CrossFit Kids, and are looking forward to joining the teens class.”

– Buddy Gervais


“Since moving from New Zealand I’ve been looking for an amazing community to be a part of and I’m very glad I found CrossFit LifeSpark. I’ve enjoyed every minute of the classes, the coaches and the community of lovely people who support you through the toughest workouts. It’s all about your own personal journey here at the box which is very evident from the moment you walk in.”

– Chloe Moir

“Having gone to the gym for years, I got bored with the same old routine, every time I went.  I joined lifespark, and 2 days have never been the same since. It’s a great community, where regardless of your fitness level, everyone works together, to achieve their goals.  At the age of 43 I have never been fitter or felt better.”

– Matt Powell

Matt Powell

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