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Whether you think CrossFit is definitely the thing for you, or if you want to find out about more about it and us, the first thing to do is to come down for a free taster class.

Join us and try a class; you will complete a warm up, a specific skill, and the workout of the day. Don’t worry though, we’re not going to throw you in at the deep end! Our Coaches will scale the movements to your ability level so you are challenged, but never out of your depth.



Once you know that you want to get involved, all new members go through our Essentials programme, where we will introduce you to CrossFit & LifeSpark, teach you the fundamental CrossFit movements, and prepare you for class.

Our Essentials Programme is delivered through private or small group coaching sessions. We cover all the essential movements and skills in these sessions, as well as outlining CrossFit and discussing key areas of training such as nutrition, intensity & recovery. You will also complete a work out in every class.



Upon completion of the Essentials Programme you are ready to join regular classes! With CrossFit Classes throughout the day, and a host of additional speciality classes, we offer something for everyone. All regular classes offer three skill levels; Apprentice, Craftsman and Competitor, which allow new and more experienced members to take on the same workouts at a level appropriate to their needs, all under the watchful eye of our coaches.


We love welcoming experienced CrossFitters to LifeSpark! Whether new to the city, or just to our box, the entry process is the same.


Rather than joining our free Taster Class, we encourage experienced CrossFitters to book into a regular class. This will allow the coach to assess your knowledge level, experience and ability. Based upon this initial assessment we will advice one of three options:

  1. Jump straight into class!
  2. Schedule 1 or 2 PT sessions to go through and refresh the main movements*
  3. Join our Essentials Programme; either classes or PT*


* Your safety and enjoyment is our main priority. If we feel that you would benefit from a refresher or our Essentials programme this will be required prior to joining class.


Dubai is an awesome city to visit, and as members of the internationally CrossFit family, we love welcoming visitors to the box!


Experienced CrossFitters are welcome in any of our classes. Shoot us an email, or book straight in online and we will be happy to have you!


Be sure to get in touch if you need support in finding the gym, and we look forward to meeting you!


Our drop in fee is 120 AED, and we well as a class, includes a Reebok CrossFit LifeSpark t-shirt or tank! We also offer limited period memberships for visitors who want to train for the duration of their visit! ☺


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