Ninja or Monster: Tailored CrossFit in Dubai

Let’s face it…


Navigating a CrossFit class can take some practice.

We all start somewhere.

Even if you have an athletic background there are still challenges when you commit to training regularly in a CrossFit box.

At LifeSpark, we design classes to challenge you no matter your background.

After all, we live in Dubai, and we know that this busy city is filled with people from many different walks of life and with a variety of expectations.

When you are an athlete in one of our main CrossFit classes you’ll have three different levels to choose from. Let me explain…


Class Skill Levels

Ben and I developed the skill levels you see in class, Apprentice (APX), Craftsman (CRX), Competitor (COX), from the models used in CrossFit Seattle and Thames CrossFit because of their high success rate in mixed ability class and effectiveness in developing rounded CrossFitters. When you’re in class the goal is to find your appropriate skill level and stick with it.

Listen, I get it and hear from you all the time, “I can do all the weightlifting, but I struggle with the bodyweight stuff…” or “I can do everything except pull ups and double unders”…

You may see a workout with a mix of gymnastics movements and heavy weight and think, “I’m going to go with COX because that weight is something I can totally handle…but those pullups…”

Sounds familiar? You might be like Zee…


“You’re a monster when it comes to heavy weight”

You’re a monster when it comes to heavy weight. Put a barbell or any heavy object in front of you and you’ll move it. However, if I ask you to do 100 pull ups… that’s a totally different story.

Zee would be right there with you. While his strength is off the chart in terms of our skill levels, his bodyweight and gymnastics movements are not there – yet. Let’s say if Zee took part in a main class the appropriate level for him would be CRX.

For Zee – his strength is great – so it doesn’t need to be his priority… by working with a weight that is moderate for him he has no excuse but to work fast to improve his cardio. In the mixed workouts, the relatively light weights will enable him to focus his energy on the bodyweight elements. Zee is maintaining his strength – especially through the ‘Strength’ portions of class – and he is developing his weaker areas by sticking to the appropriate skill level in the ‘WOD’.

But what if you’re the opposite? What if you’re a bodyweight ninja and the heavy weights are a challenge. Well then you’re like Paul.


“You can rep strict med-ball weighted muscle ups”

For this example, let’s say you can rep strict med-ball weighted muscle ups…

You rock the bodyweight, gymnastics movements as well as the cardio workouts. I’m sure you see where this is going though, you’re not in the world of the 400lb+ deadlift. When Paul is in my class I know that his bodyweight movements will be off the charts but as his coach I know that the best skill level for him will be CRX. He’ll crush the bodyweight movement and he’ll be faced with an appropriate challenge when it comes to any weights he might use.

When we programme our week’s training, as well as our longer strength cycles we set our expectations for each workout – whether it should be a sprint (or a ‘Burner’ – as Ben likes to call it), or a medium length WOD – or a Long WOD… There is no point in over shooting your skill level and making a 20-minute meal of a 4-6 minute burner…


“Ready to get started?”

Are you ready to commit to your skill level?

And to your CrossFit journey?

We may be tough on you sometimes – but we have your development and success at heart!

Send us an email at info@lifesparkcoaching.com when you’re ready to get started.

author: Reebok CrossFit LifeSpark

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